Parking Lot Wranglers

Meet Morgan Weber and Brandon Weyel … a.k.a. “The Parking Lot Wranglers”. Friends since birth, Morgan and Brandon have been a helpful part of the ranch for several seasons. Their horseback riding expertise enables our parking lot staff to efficiently and safely park vehicles as they arrive. Morgan or Brandon can get from point A to point B very fast via the horses to let our parking lot staff know where open parking spaces are. Plus, their horseback vantage point allows them to see more than our two-legged staff members. With the help of Morgan and Brandon and our Maize staff, our parking area is a well-oiled machine that enables our patrons to park quickly and start enjoying all the fun Fall festivities. Morgan and Brandon and their beautiful horses are very well received by our patrons and are a favorite photo op for visitors!

See them in action this Fall!



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