About Us

About the Ranchers

We are the Graff family: Ken, Laurie, Colin, Justina, and Colin’s wife Joy.  Our ranch, The Graff 7A Ranch, is an authentic South Texas cattle ranch. Our ranching heritage dates back to the 1840s. Our family represents the 5th & 6th generations to live and work on the ranch.

From the Graff Family Album

In December of 1995, with the passing of Ken’s dad, Ralph, we were forced to rethink our traditional ways of farming and ranching to ensure the families’ land would stay in our possession. Our decision to go into agritourism started in July of 1996 when we began direct marketing our chemical free beef to the public. To this day folks come out to our ranch in Hondo to pick up their orders of beef.

Agritourism — Here we Come!

The beef business led to our next form of agritourism. We began hosting tour groups at our ranch in the summer of 1998. Groups come out to our authentic South Texas cattle ranch to hear the history behind our ranch, enjoy an evening of western entertainment and food, and just kick back and relax under the big Texas sky!  In the fall of 2000 we received a very nice thank you note from one of our ranches’ guests. Enclosed with the note were articles pertaining to corn mazes. We found The MAiZE organization on the Internet and opened our first maze in the fall of 2001.

It’s Still aMAZEing!

The South Texas Maize, a unique outdoor fall recreational event was established in 2001 to compliment the activities of the diverse 5th generation farm and ranch. Our motto is to make memories worth repeating! We want to allow people the opportunity to have fun on the farm and ranch at a reasonable price, and share with them how agriculture plays an important role in their lives everyday.

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